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Let we say, "A sofa with built-in relaxation mechanism is the best for comfort!"

The sofa is the center of the living area and needs to be carefully chosen to respond to a design, a personal taste and a precise style in keeping with the decor. If we are lucky enough to find our ideal model among those offering the relaxation mechanism as optional, then we can have the perfect comfort!

It's the optional for excellence and is very useful for relaxation, rest and wellness too!

A sofa with relaxation mechanism allows to adapt the comfort of the product to the most varied personal needs, thanks to the movement of one or more parts of the product.

Comfort customization has thousands of facets and offers many options: from adjustable headrest to removable seats through raised footrests.

Imagine being able to change your position at any time! Raise your legs, lower your back, activate a headrest ... with a few movements and in a few seconds you can search countless combinations for an unbeatable relaxation!

Let's see how it works.

It's very simple. There are 2 types of opening, manual or electric.

With the manual opening, a lever is placed in the armrest side or between the armrest and the seat. By pulling it, it unlocks the mechanism, which activates, raising the footrest and lowering the backrest. You pull the lever ... and the game is done!

In the case of an electric mechanism, instead, a push-button is placed on the side of the armrest or on the seat side that activates an electric motor. The engine slowly raises the footrest and lowers the back slightly by allowing you a TV position (or reading if you prefer). Continuing to actuate the button, the engine further inclines the backrest to the nearly extended position. The electrical mechanism allows you to adjust the position of the footrest and the backrest with millimeter accuracy and to stop at any time, to the desired position and optimum personal comfort.

The electrical mechanism may appear to be more delicate than the manual, but that is not the case. In fact, I would say that is exactly the opposite.

The most advanced relaxation mechanisms, now used by all manufacturers, have a "Zero Wall" opening system, which allows you to reclose the backrest and stretch the seat without having to move the sofa from the wall.

Cause intense use, we recommend, in addition to a good mechanism (with warranty) a very high performance seatboards (unfortunately expensive) with high polyurethane foam quality, to ensure:
  •     a great sitting comfort,
  •     do not feel the mechanical iron levers with time
  •     keep the best appearance over time
  •     maintain efficiency and functionality.